Weighing Service

Weighing Service On-Site

Measuring the rolling stock balance on the track is one of the most crucial parameters to be checked before putting in service any rolling stock, by ensuring a reduction of the derailment risk and an improvement of running dynamics.

As specified by the EN 15654-2:2019, the testing activities should be carried out not only at the end of the production of rolling stock, but also after a modification (mass variation) or heavy maintenance processes.

Do you need to measure your rolling stock balance in line with the EN 15654-2:2019?

From now on, IVM is glad to fully support you, also offering measuring services on site, with worldwide coverage.

Thanks to the hand-held portability of the POWERVE system, our highly specialized technicians can fly everywhere around the world, bringing the equipment with them and providing the best and easiest measuring service on site, directly to your facility.