Past research projects in the field of monitoring through acceleration sensors networks are listed below:

  • LEW (Landslide Early Warning), PONR&C2010, PON 01503; period: 10/2011-09/2014, the objective is the integration of an inclinometer WSN for the Early Warning on highway infrastructures (leader Autostrade)
  • SICURFER, Technologies for the railway safety PONR&C2010, PON00142; period 01/2012-05/2015, the objective is the design of an inclinometer-tensiometer WSN for the early warning  of landslide applied to railway transport infrastructures;
  • STRIT (Tools and technologies for the management of the risk of the Transport Infrastructure)  funded under PON 2007-2013 in partnership with Research centres (AMRA and EUCENTRE) and Universities (UniversitĂ  Federico II di Napoli e UniversitĂ  della Calabria);
  • Provaci (Technologies for seismic protection and enhancement of complexes of cultural interest) funded under PON 2007-2013 in partnership with the University Federico II of Naples and led by the TRE (Tecnologie per il Recupero Edilizio) consortium;
  • Remoam (Networks of sensors for monitoring environmental risks) funded under “POR Campania 2000/2006 Misura 3.17, Bando per la concessione degli aiuti alle PMI in attuazione dell’Accordo di Programma Quadro in materia di e-government e SocietĂ  dell’ Informazione. Progetto Metadistretto del settore ICT “; period 08/2008-07/2010, for the development of an inclinometric WSN for the monitoring and early warning of landslides (leader STRAGO);
  • SIMURAI (Integrated instruments for Territorial Multi Risk Assessment in urban environment landscapes) under FAR D.M. 593/2000 – led by TRE consortium;
  • SIT_MEW (Integrated broadband telecommunication system for the management of the environment and of emergencies in case of natural disasters, inclusive of Early Warning Methods) funded by MIUR under Grandi Progetti Strategici (GPS);
  • TELLUS STABILITA Testing of innovative products and techniques and development of new methods for the protection of the built environment against environmental dynamical stresses, particularly seismic stresses – funded by MIUR;
  • SIMMI (Study and development of an integrated support system to monitor and maintain railway infrastructure) funded by MIUR.


The business plan of IVM was approved by MISE as part of the government program for innovative startups called Smart & Start (http://www.smartstart.invitalia.it/site/smart/home.html). In this initiative, which lasts four years, a financing plan for equipment and materials is included, that will significantly reduce the time of purchase of all the technical means necessary to carry out industrial activities.

Moreover, IVM is member of the CTIF consortium composed of SMEs from Campania region characterized by high tech activities, which operate in the railway domain to provide services/products/solutions. The CTIF consortium is member of the “Distretto Tecnologico per i Trasporti della Campania DATTILO” (http://regione.campania.it/it/tematiche/distretti-tecnologici/dattilo-distretto-alta-tecnologia-trasporti-e-logistica?page=1), PON R&C2007-2014, where SMEs, big industries, research centres and universities are united with the following objectives: 1) to carry out industrial research projects with the aim of developing innovative products and raising the competitiveness level of Campania region; 2) to promote dissemination activities, research results exploitation, and companies internationalization.
IVM is currently involved, as research partner, in two DATTILO projects (http://www.smau.it/napoli13/partners/dattilo/):

  • Nembo – sistemi iNnovativi “EMBedded” caratterizzati da elevata efficienza per applicazioni ferrOviarie – IVM develops a MEMS accelerometer odometry system for trains, in collaboration with Ansaldo STS, RFI, and other SMEs.
  • Modista – MOnitoraggio e DIagnostica preventiva da remoto di infrastrutture e flotte di veicoli per innalzare i livelli di disponibilitĂ , efficienza e sicurezza dei siSTemi ferroviAri – IVM deploys a Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring and diagnostics of bridges and railway viaducts combined with satellite observation techniques.

As a memeber of CTIF, IVM participates in the creation of the Italian Railway Platform coordinated by ASSIFER / Anie, association of Italian industries in the railway sector, for the participation to the strategic European project Shift2Rail (http://assifer.anie.com/special-projects/#.VIz5Bvl5OSp). This project,  relative to the railway sector, is promoted by the European Commission and involves funding for over a billion of euros over a 6/7 years period.

IVM is also leader of an innovation project funded by the Campania region entitled:

  • Morfeo – MonitORaggio Frane per la gestionE del rischiO – Industrializzazione di un prototipo di ricerca di sistema inclino tensiometrico a tecnologia MEMS accoppiato al brevetto italiano di proprietĂ  di IVM (N 0001393752 del 08/05/12 “Sistema e metodo per il monitoraggio di aree a rischio frana”

The project is relative to the innovation program for cooperative and technological transfer and for early phases of industrialization of high potential innovative companies. The aim of MORFEO project is to develop, at readiness level of industrial product, a prototype of inclinometric system based on MEMS technology in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II for geotechnical aspects and with the TRE consortium for the management aspects. The project aims at exploiting the Italian patent, property of IVM (N 0001393752 del 08/05/12 “Sistema e metodo per il monitoraggio di aree a rischio frana”, inventor Giovanni Mannara), whose system has already been subject of an optimization process in a precedent industrial research project (PONRC2010 Sicurfer PON00142).