The right equalization of the vertical forces on wheels is fundamental to guarantee the proper running attitude of any rolling stock. POWERVE statically measures the vertical forces that each wheel loads at the wheel / rail interface.

Its excellent measurement performance, together with its lightness, portability and ease of use, make it the ideal equipment to verify that all the parameters related to the balance of the rolling stock comply with the optimal operating limits. The high reproducibility of the measurements makes POWERVE the indispensable equipment to meet the modern predictive maintenance needs of the railway industry.


POWERVE has been officially certified by ITALCERTIFER as a system compliant with the requirements of EN 15654-2: 2019 “Railway applications – Measurement of vertical forces on wheels and wheelsets – Part 2: Test in workshop for new, modified and maintained vehicles” and EN 50215: 2011 “Railway applications – Rolling stock – Testing of rolling stock on completion of construction and before entry into service” (only for the parts relating to rolling stock weighing and the vertical load produced by each wheel on the track ).

POWERVE is the ideal solution for

  • Testing & Commissioning of new rolling stock or post-revamping rolling stock
  • Workshop or in-field maintenance
  • Balancing suspensions to equalize vertical wheel forces
  • Reducing derailments risk, especially on twisted track
  • Verification of the vertical forces distribution on the driving wheels
  • Verification of the balance after installation of new equipment (e.g. on On-Track-Machines)
  • Verification of the distribution of the vertical forces due to non-uniform wear of the wheel diameters or faulty suspensions.
  • Verification of the distribution of the transported cargo
  • Verification of the set-up of the rolling stock after derailment

POWERVE is covered by both Italian and European patents


  • RFI
  • EAV
  • Vossloh
  • Ceske Drahy
  • Matisa
  • ANM
  • Trenord
  • Transalp Renouvellement
  • CAF
  • ORR srl
  • Plasser Italiana
  • AMT Genova
  • GCF
  • Sperry Rail International
  • TS – Traction & Service
  • Ansaldo Breda
  • Siemens
  • Trenitalia

System Description

POWERVE (POrtable WEigher for Railway VEhicles) system is designed to statically measure the vertical forces that each wheel of rolling stock loads on the track, and so the real set-up of a rolling stock in working order conditions.

POWERVE is made up of simple metal positioning ramps that are laid on track before each wheel, without any fixation. By moving forward the rolling stock, each wheel moves vertically 40mm higher than the rail and stops on a couple of special load cells, designed and developed by IVM. The distance between the cells creates a “cradle” effect, where each wheel of the rolling stock lays down, in self equilibrium condition. Consequently any external force to stop the rolling stock on the measurement area and any possible error due to external brake or traction forces during the measurement procedure is eliminated.

POWERVE is extremely modular according to the measuring needs. It is made up of 2 main functional parts:

  • Wheelset Kit (WK)
  • Control System (CS)

The Wheelset Kit includes the mechanical parts and the sensing elements, including the relative acquisition boards to measure one single wheelset. Each Wheelset Kit is very light, about 25kg. The single heaviest part of the system weighs just 6.3kg.

The Control System includes the execution and control elements, needed to manage the measuring process. The POWERVE SW is equipped with several check controls during the measurement in order to perform human indipendent results. Moreover it also includes a Cloud platform to manage, store and download all the measurements in the most common formats (PDF, Excel, CSV). Thanks to the system features, POWERVE can be included in the investments of the National Plan Industry 4.0.

Several different Wheelset Kits can be used together, but with the same Control System. Moreover, the Control System allows to use any Wheelset Kit available in the same network (always managing a maximum of 6 WKs), ready to be used and without any configuration needed.

POWERVE is track gauge independent and it can be installed also on multi-gauge tracks

Commercial Configurations

  • POW2X – made up of 2 Wheelset Kits (each Wheelset Kit measures the vertical forces of each wheel of the wheelset simultaneously) and 1 Control System.
  • POW3X – made up of 3 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.
  • POW4X – made up of 4 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.
  • POW6X – made up of 6 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.

Many Wheelset Kits can be used together, up to a maximum of 6, with the same Control System.


SME Instrument - Horizon IVM
DITECFER - POWERVE Innovation Leader
ERCI Innovation Award - IVM


POWERVE is co-financed by the European Union, by the Italian State and by the Region of Campania, within the ROP Campania ERDF 2014-2020.

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