Innovative Vibration Monitoring

IVM develops monitoring and diagnostic systems for the railway industry.
The main focus of IVM’s products is the measurement of what happens at the wheel-rail interface.
IVM is continuously developing solutions to analyze this interaction in both static and dynamic conditions by exploiting cutting-edge technologies.

IVM embraces the idea of a continuous improvement and evolution as the key to operate successfully in the highly competitive railway market. To this end, IVM embraces the innovation and it is able to develop all the phases of product creation: design, production, distribution and data analysis. This is done internally by highly skilled resources and it is made possible by the investment of around 30% of its resources in R&D activities.

IVM’s products require multidisciplinary skills and advanced engineering competences. This is especially true for the wheel-rail interaction: it generates mechanical stresses on the rails and on the rolling stock and those stresses are governed by physical laws that are not easily decomposable in the form of single separated effects. Thanks to a long in-field experience, IVM is convinced that to the extent of monitoring purposes, multiple measuring points are required, and each of them needs to sample data at high frequency. However, in order to extract the informative content for diagnostic purposes, it is necessary to adopt an integrated analytical approach.

Modern technologies allow the adoption of multiple sensors thus increasing the available data, but IVM’s integrated and holistic vision is able to increase the informative content of the monitored phenomenon in order to extract the deep and hidden behaviours of the wheel-rail interaction.

To this extent, IVM has developed algorithms and cloud infrastructures to manage such complexity, by using modern Big Data technologies and Machine Learning Techniques.