IVM on the Italian newspaper Il Mattino – 30th October 2018

November 05 2018

In the last few days,

the CEO of IVM, Eng. Giovanni Mannara,

has been asked to give a short interview

for an article on the world of start-ups, to be published on the well known Italian newspaper Il Mattino, in the online section Innovation.

We have translated the extract regarding IVM in English:

Giovanni Mannara, CEO of IVM, a startup that manufactures diagnostic systems in the railway field, has been farsighted. The startup has created a portable system capable of weighing a train and measuring the force loaded from each wheel on the rail, in order to know the actual status of the wheels. Nowadays, they are studying the way to make a good diagnostis also from the inside of the train, to get more accurate and real-time results. “There is no secret to success, if there was one, I’d sell it”, he jokes. “It only derives from the quality of work and from knowing how to find talents. Neapolitan intelligence is not common to all”.

Hereunder, we share with you the direct link to the article in Italian:


Stay tuned!