Demo tour in China: Hangzhou Metro, Changsha Railway Transit, Tianjin Metro (June 2019)

June 04 2019

Welcome back on our logbook!

Right now, IVM is involved in a promotional tour in China,

in collaboration with our Chinese representative James Diao (JRONT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO.)!

Below, you will find a video and some photos of our first stop at Hangzhou Metro,

some photos of our second stop at Changsha Railway Transit

and some photos of our third stop at Tianjin Metro:

First stop at Hangzhou Metro:

VIDEO of Demo at Hangzhou Metro

IMG_7195 IMG_7213


IMG_7219 IMG_7221

Second stop at Changsha Railway Transit: 

image1 image2 image5

Third stop at Tianjin Metro:

IMG_7265 IMG_7266 IMG_7271