Rail Industries Canada represents officially POWERVE

April 13 2021

Hello Canada, welcome to the new era of rolling stock weighing technology!

IVM srl announces that POWERVE will be represented in Canada by Rail Industries Canada.
From now on, all Canadian POWERVE customers can count on very professional local support.

POWERVE allows you to easily check the rolling stock balance health, improving running dynamics and increasing safety against derailments. It performs static measurements of vertical force distribution on wheels and wheelsets as a high quality fixed system, anywhere and anytime.

The most powerful and innovative portable weighing system on the market is certified by ITALCERTIFER as a system compliant with EN 15654-2:2019 and EN 50215:2011 standards.

Special thanks to Axel de Galembert, Subsidiary Director at Rail Industries Canada. We hope this cooperation will be fruitful for a long time!