Did you miss the CIFI Webinar on the POWERVE system?

April 29 2021

On April 27th, in Webinar mode, The CIFI – Italian Railway Engineers Association conference ”IL SISTEMA POWERVE DI PESATURA PORTATILE PER TRENI’’ was held. It focused on the importance of perfect equalization of vertical forces on wheels and wheelsets during the entire lifecycle of a rolling stock.

University of Naples Federico II, EAV Ente Autonomo Volturno and IVM shared their studies and their experiences on the POWERVE system and on new bogie maintenance approaches that aim to increase railway safety and reduce wear of the wheel-rail system.

We thank the promoters, the speakers and the audience for their warm participation.
If you missed the webinar, click on the following link and enjoy it: https://urly.it/3cq28

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