NT Expo in São Paulo: finally POWERVE® is there!

March 18 2022
Portable rail scale

POWERVE® finally landed in Brazil @ NT Expo with HLT company, our official distribution partner!

We hope you met POWERVE® live @ the booth #C045 and discovered the most innovative static wheel force measuring system.
In fact, POWERVE® is the only hand-portable system available on the market capable of measuring the QF0s directly on the wheel tread near the reference points, as required by the latest EN 15654-2, the most stringent and demanding standard specifically for the measurement of static vertical force on wheels and wheelsets.

The system achieves impressive performance comparable to high-accuracy static fixed weighing systems, but it is easy and hand-portable. POWERVE® can increase the frequency of monitoring in a sustainable way, allowing to enable maintenance approaches, no longer periodic, but on condition and predictive.

It is a quick, easy, sustainable and optimized solution for anytime & everywhere.

We want to thank our Brazilian representative HLT for the cooperation and the pictures of their booth as well.
See you next time, São Paulo!