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Why Weighing a Rolling Stock?

Most of the time, when talking about weighing a rolling stock, one considers as first purpose to know the total weight and thinks that the best application would be connected to the freight transportation. This is true, but actually it is the least interesting aspect of the weighing topic. The most interesting purpose and the most difficult to evaluate as well is to weigh in order to check the set-up of the rolling stock on track. For this reason, we talk about measuring the vertical forces “Q” of each wheel on track. (more…)


POWERVE Demo Tour in Romania – November 2018, Bucharest (RO)

IVM srl – Innovative Vibration Monitoring continues its POWERVE demonstration tour around the world:

new stop in Bucharest, Romania!

We thank Mr. Leonard Gagea, DI, our representative in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria,

for having welcomed us and organized all the meetings.

Following some pictures of the demo at CFR Marfa depot in Bucharest,

at which many guests from other Romanian companies have participated as well.

Stay Tuned!


titolo SEMINARIO-FERROVIARIO-2018_vlogos

IVM has been invited at the ”IV Seminario Nacional y III Internacional de Tecnología Ferroviaria”, at UNEXPO – Venezuela (October 26)

With great pleasure we announce the participation of IVM srl at the

IV Seminario Nacional y III Internacional de Tecnología Ferroviaria“,

held at the Universidad Nacional Experimental “Antonio José de Sucre” (UNEXPO), within the Venezuelan economic recovery plan, which will start from the mobility regeneration, until 2030. (more…)