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Why Weighing a Rolling Stock?

Most of the time, when talking about weighing a rolling stock, one considers as first purpose to know the total weight and thinks that the best application would be connected to the freight transportation. This is true, but actually it is the least interesting aspect of the weighing topic. The most interesting purpose and the most difficult to evaluate as well is to weigh in order to check the set-up of the rolling stock on track. For this reason, we talk about measuring the vertical forces “Q” of each wheel on track. (more…)

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Man.Tra Conference: POWERVE presentation (13th June 2018 – Bologna)

On 13th June 2018, IVM attended the Conference “Railway workshops: has the 4.0 age arrived?”, organized by Man.Tra, the Association of Transport Maintenance.
It has been a very fruitful day, focused on the new railway technology for fleet maintenance.

The audience has been truly enthusiastic about POWERVE, our portable solution to measure the weight force on wheels.
At the following link, you can download the Italian presentation. If you are interested in its English translation, contact us and we will translate it for you: (more…)